Freedom from Addiction in Four Stages

Freedom from Addiction in Four Stages

Addiction and alcoholism is a rather common thing in the present times, in fact, boys and girls are becoming addicts of various substance abuse from a very tender age. It is most certainly a very sad situation. This increasing rate of addiction gives an idea of the increased hopelessness of the human race.

But all hope is not lost yet, the recovery of an addict is guaranteed if only proper care is taken and the root cause of the problem addressed. Generally, it has been noted that any form of recovery goes through 4 stages, which include the Recognition, Acknowledgment, Acceptance and Recovery. Through these four stages, the addict is helped to come out of the distressful, hopeless, situation that he/she is in.Image result for Freedom from Addiction in Four Stages

Erik Bugen the owner of a recovery clinic believes in making a happy and blissful life available to the addict by coming out of that situation, irrespective of the gender of the addict. He is convinced that is the 12 step process that can fruitfully help an addict to come out of his/her addiction. He has also been the chief financial officer of the Recovery Resources and Services.

The four stages that an addict goes through slowly and steadily heals the hurts and depressions of the person and helps him/ her finally evolve as a completely new person with renewed spirits and zeal for life. The first stage is that of recognition. This probably is the most difficult, because most of the times people are living in complete denial of whatever they do. It is hard for a person to accept his mistake and give in to process of correction.

It is absolutely essential to be able to understand the difference between what is and what is not addiction, though it may be difficult. A common misconception and mistake made, is to consider addiction and abuse as one and the same thing. An addict and abuser might show similar symptoms but at the end of the day they have some clear differences that need to be understood.

Identifying any problem always needs to be followed up with acknowledgement; often acknowledging the fact that you need to comeout of that horrible situation becomes a tough task for the addict. Even to acknowledge that you are in a difficult and wrong situation becomes very tedious for one addicted. At times it is the closest people who have to speak bluntly to the addict and make him/her understand and believe in the need for help for the current situation.

Only when the addict accepts his troublesome situation will he/she be able to correct and bring recovery about. Once the stage of acceptance is reached the stage of recovery is never too far. In other words, the quicker you accept your problem, the quicker you will be able to get rid of it. The 12 step process of recovery is an ideal process to follow for recovering from any kind of addiction says, Erik Bugen, the owner of the Wellness and Recovery clinic.


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